We’ve all been told a million times before not to sleep in our makeup. But just how bad is it really? How much damage could it actually do to fall face first into a pillow after a long night out? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit.

It can cause breakouts

The battle against acne is hard enough without adding another factor into the mix. Leaving our makeup on for prolonged lengths of time (like when we are sleeping) can cause a buildup of makeup, dead skin and other debris from the day in our pores. This buildup can suffocate our skin and stop it from breathing, leading to inflammation and unsightly break outs.

It can make our skin dry and irritated

That same buildup of makeup that can cause acne can also have the opposite result. By clogging the pores, it can prevent your skin care products from penetrating the skin’s surface. That means that your moisturizers will not be able to hydrate your skin, which will lead to dull, dry and irritated skin.

It can cause wrinkles

That’s right! While it won’t happen overnight, habitually forgetting to remove your makeup before hitting the hay can prematurely age your skin. Besides just causing acne, the buildup of makeup and other debris in your pores can affect your skin’s ability to produce collagen. This will cause your skin to lose elasticity and firmness and cause lines and wrinkles to start showing up on your face over time.

If your skin has been left looking dull or damaged from leaving makeup on too long, we can help! Here at Primary Aesthetics Skin Care, we offer a wide variety of skin care treatments to help renew your skin, such as VI peelsmicroneedling and HydraFacials. Contact us today to set up your free consultation to find out more about these great treatments and what they can do for you!

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