At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, patients of the Bedford, NY area who want to improve their skin’s health and appearance will want to protect it from the elements. Patients always hear that they should wear sunscreen every day to reduce their risk of skin cancer, but what about cloudy days? Do we need sunscreen when the sun is not visible due to cloud cover? The simple answer is yes!

Myths debunked: using sunscreen on a cloudy day

Many patients believe that you don’t need to wear sunscreen or sunblock if it is cloudy. It’s not unusual for us to know that sunscreen should be worn on sunny days for skin protection, but what about cloudy days? This common myth is just that: a myth! The fact is, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the UV rays that we protect our skin from with sunscreen, including UVA and UVB, can still pass through the cloud at about 80%. This means that our skin is still exposed, even with cloud cover. Wearing sunscreen everyday should be a daily habit to ensure good skin health and appearance.

What type of sunscreen should I wear?

We strongly encourage patients to wear sunscreen that is at least 15 SPF or higher on all visible areas of the skin, including the face and hands. Even during the winter months, skin needs to be protected from UV rays to reduce skin cancer risks. Prolonged sun exposure also requires patients to reapply their  sunscreen throughout the day to minimize sun damage and photo aging. During a consultation appointment with Elena Ginsberg of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, patients can ask questions about the type of sunscreen to use, how often to apply it, and what type to purchase. Educating yourself on skincare solutions such as daily sunscreen application is the first step in skin protection!

Learn more about ways to care for your skin every day!

The team of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in Bedford, NY is here to help patients in the community keep their skin healthy and beautiful. If you have questions about day-to-day skincare, we welcome you to request a visit with our team and educate yourself on good skincare habits.

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