Though we might like to put on a brave front and downplay when our skin is suddenly angry at us, makeup and Instagram filters only mask the problem. Our skin may not be as resilient as we thought, even if you have never had serious issues with acne. For example, there are so many new products that we love to try, that it’s just a matter of time before we use one too many actives, or we find an ingredient that our skin just doesn’t like.

If your skin is suddenly red, flakey, or sensitive to a product that has always been fine to use, you may have a compromised skin barrier. Keep reading to learn about this important skin function and what to do when it’s not functioning properly.

Your skin has a barrier function that can be damaged by pollution, excessive hot water, dry climate, harsh products, and even stress. Sometimes your issue is as simple as using a new product, or a few new products that overdo it. That, combined with other factors, might spell a compromised skin barrier function which often looks like redness, flakey skin, or excessive oil production.

If you’re not sure what happened, or you haven’t been mixing up your routine, it might just be that your skin is compromised for some other reason. The seasons changing affect how our skin behaves, so it’s not a bad idea to look at switching products at seasons change, too. Just go slowly and make sure to give your skin time to adjust.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to pare down your products and give your skin a little break. Especially if you live in a dry climate, not removing moisture is key. Try using just a gentle cleanser, toner, and a great moisturizer for a few weeks. You might be surprised at how your skin reacts. Then, reintroduce products slowly, one at a time. You might be suddenly sensitive to a product that was totally fine before.

It’s very important to call the professionals if your skin sensitivity is severe or causing you pain. We can help you pinpoint the issue and give you advice on how to help your skin heal quickly.

If your skin is suddenly behaving differently, call us today at (914) 234-8670  to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ginsberg.

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