You’ve made the mistake of spending time outside and forgot the sunscreen. Now you have severe sunburn. Men, women, and children should always be proactive about wearing high SPF sunscreen every day, but when its forgotten, a sunburn can develop—especially when more skin is exposed and the sun exposure occurs during the peak time in the day when UVA and UVB rays are at their strongest. Elena Ginsberg and the team of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care provides recommendations to treating sunburn.

What should I do if I have sunburn?

There are many different levels of sunburn, but the following recommendations are made to treat moderate to severe sunburns:

  • Avoid extra sun exposure. If you’ve experienced sunburn, it is best to stay indoors and treat the condition, as additional exposure may make the situation much worse.
  • Soothe the skin. You want to get comfortable, especially when the sunburn is extreme. Apply cold, wet washcloths to the skin. Avoid rubbing it, and use moisturizers with aloe vera in them for a more soothing effect.
  • Take medications for pain. If you are experiencing pain with your sunburn, over-the-counter ibuprofen can help get you more comfortable.
  • Leave blisters alone. Severe sunburn can also result in the development of blisters. If these occur, cover them with a large bandage and avoid aggravating them. Let these heal on their own without picking at them.
  • eek medical treatment if needed. If you have severe sunburn that might require medical attention, book an appointment with Elena Ginsberg of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care for an evaluation. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or corticosteroids may be prescribed to help ease and speed the healing process.
  • Protect your skin in the future. It is important that you make sure to protect your skin from sunburn later on, as each sunburn can increase your risk for developing skin cancer. Use a high SPF sunscreen each day on exposed skin, and take care not to be outdoors during the peak hours of sunlight, between 10am and 4pm.

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