At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, we offer more than just treatment for the skin. We also provide a variety of non-surgical solutions for the body, including vaginal rejuvenation. When women are struggling with laxity in the vaginal area and want to improve tightening for more satisfactory sexual intercourse, they are encouraged to work with our team to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation involves a variety of improvements that can address concerns women have about their sexual health. Vaginal rejuvenation may be recommended to patients who have:

  • Reduced blood flow to the clitoris
  • Reduced sensitive
  • Problems reaching orgasm
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Loose or hanging labia
  • Loose vaginal canal and opening

How is vaginal rejuvenation performed?

To rejuvenate the vaginal area, our team at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care is pleased to offer a revolutionary treatment called the BTL Ultra Femme 360. This is a specialized device that utilizes radiofrequency energy that rejuvenates the vaginal area and the labia in just one treatment. The radiofrequency energy will penetrate deep into the skin and help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn tights and lifts the soft tissues. The device delivers radiofrequency energy using a special probe device that is inserted into the vaginal canal. The BTL Ultra Femme 360 can be adjusted to provide as much or as little radiofrequency energy needed based on the patient’s unique needs. Treatment can take ten minutes or less, and results are shown gradually over time. Women who have undergone vaginal rejuvenation are often excited to learn how many ways it can improve their life, both medically and sexually. In fact, most women who undergo vaginal rejuvenation report to our providers that they are enjoying sexual intercourse yet again, and are no longer struggling with urinary incontinence!

Take charge of your sexual satisfaction today!

If you are interested in discussing vaginal rejuvenation services with the team at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care of Bedford, NY, we welcome you to speak to our team today. We are conveniently located in Bedford Village Plaza at 460 Old Post Road, Ste. 2G and can be reached by phone to schedule an appointment at (914) 234-8670.

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