Tired of Blemishes?

Blemishes, breakouts, acne, dirt and aging. Each of the factors can take a toll on your face. This can alter the original appearance of your face and in some instances, cause a person embarrassment.  However, you don’t have to suffer through these issues anymore. Because at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, we offer the V.I. Chemical Peel. A chemical peel is a facial made with an acidic solution to slough away dead skin. It helps to reveal a new fresh layer of skin underneath.

Why should I try this?

Why should you get a chemical peel you ask? Because a chemical peel is an efficient treatment with proven results! Any blemishes that are on the face is hardly recognizable after completing the sessions. Instead, patients’ faces look younger, smoother and firmer after the treatment is completed. They no longer must suffer piling on tons of makeup or missing events altogether due to embarrassment. They also don’t have to worry about finding which treatment is the right one for them. Once they receive the chemical peel, they can rest easy knowing that their face is clean and clear.

With springtime upon us, and summer soon after, getting this treatment is a must for people who are tired of hiding. The V.I. Peel that we offer at Primary Med Aesthetics will give you a summer face to match your summer body. No more piles of makeup just to get ready, this will allow you to get up and go! The chemical peel gives your inner beauty a chance to really shine.

Is the Chemical Peel Safe?

The chemical peel is a relatively safe procedure when done under the supervision of a certified doctor. At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, our doctors are well-trained in administering chemical peels. We’ll carefully craft a treatment session to target your problem areas. Our doctor’s will also advise you on what to do post-treatment to maintain the results.

So, don’t wait any longer and come today to let the new you shine through! It’s time to stop hiding and start shining, let the V.I. Peel help unearth the face you never thought you’d have.

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