For many, cosmetic procedures are uncharted territory. In the popular imagination, “getting work done,” as the saying goes, is something celebrities and trophy wives do. The truth is, it is not just women or a wealthy subset of the population that are engaging in cosmetic procedures. In fact, a diversity of patients are interested today, thanks to declining stigma around aesthetic enhancements.

Less Downtime

When the word “cosmetic” pops up, most people think plastic surgery, a time-intensive, costly procedure that requires a lot of downtime. The downtime often means you have to avoid public spaces like the plague before the marks from the surgery heal. Such invasive procedures, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or surgical face lifts, require a period of time where it is more fashionable to hide away than be seen, due to side effects from the procedure ranging from redness and swelling to excessive bruising.

However, the proliferation of minimally invasive procedures in medical spas has enabled a very different experience with cosmetics. Rarely, Botox injectionsKybellasclerotherapylaser treatments, and other med spa services require time away from work, school, or other obligations. Perhaps more to the original purpose of receiving treatments, many services today give quick results with minimal side effects.*More Natural Results

Moreover, med spa services today have diversified their technology and clientele, working to improve the way they deliver results. Increased popularity of cosmetic procedures through celebrity popularization (think Kim Kardashian) render notions of looking “plastic” or “fake” mutable. Older generations and younger; women, men, and trans; and those with much or little to spend can reap benefits from cosmetic procedures. The aesthetic benefits can range from skin that appears more smooth and supple to skin that looks more consistent in color and texture.*

The stigma (from plastic surgery) that cosmetic procedures alter appearances permanently beyond the natural appearance is untrue. Cosmetic procedures do not degrade the charm and uniqueness of the person’s organic look.* In practice, the look you get is the look you ask for, which depends directly on the quality of your med spa provider. At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in Bedford, NY, we turn away no patient and are as conservative or dramatic in the transformation of your look as you want.

Client Testimony

As Natasha T., a former patient, states:*

I was undecided about lips but went for it and I have to say it was so much worth it!!! Absolutely love my lips! soo natural looking..
I am not looking overdone or fake. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!

As Lanochka D. states:*

I had my first meso therapy treatment, first of 4 recommended by Elena Ginsberg who couldn’t be more professional, knowledgeable and sweet. Did not have any worries from beginning to end of treatment, was made to feel like I was the only person to be treated. Hardly any bruising, no pain at all or discomfort, excellent treatment. I already see some amazing results the next day! Would advise anyone who wants to have a facelift the natural way.

Experience the control you can have over your image. Book your consultation at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in Bedford, NY today.

* Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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