Unwanted hair is stubborn. You shave, pluck, wax, or use harsh depilatory creams to get rid of the hair, and then in a couple of weeks it’s coming right back again. This cycle goes on and on forever. But not if you come in to Primary Aesthetic Skin Care and let us help you to achieve permanent hair reduction with either our LightPod Neo laserRohrer Diode laser or Cutera laser. Laser hair removal is FDA-approved, is great for both women and men, is very effective, and it can be done just about anywhere on the body. What’s not to love?! Call our office in Bedford NY today.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

You probably think of light when you think of lasers, probably from the latest science fiction movie. But for laser hair removal, it’s heat that matters…and the growth cycle of your hair. Melanin is what gives your hair and skin its color. We set the laser wavelength to match the color of the melanin in the hair shafts in the treatment areas. Then, when we direct the laser light down onto those hair shafts, the melanin absorbs the light energy and it converts to heat. That heat travels down the hair shaft into the follicle at the base. The heat then damages or destroys the hair follicle, preventing it from producing hair.

How Long Is A Single Laser Hair Removal Session?

The length of your laser hair removal session depends on the size of the area we are treating. For instance, your underarms may take just a few minutes while your legs can take up to an hour. You should plan on between 10 minutes and one hour per session. If you’d like an idea of how long you should plan for, just give us a call and tell us the areas you’d like to treat and we should be able to give you a pretty good idea.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of your laser hair removal at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care is dependent on the areas you are having treated. Smaller areas, such as above your upper lip, are less expensive than larger areas, such as your legs. Based on your goals, we will give you an idea of the cost or laser hair removal before we begin any treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, we use the LightPod Neo laser, Rohrer Diode laser and Cutera laser. The LightPod Neo laser provides very comfortable laser hair removal and has an advanced cooling feature that keeps you comfortable during your treatment. Patients tell us the feeling during the laser pulses is similar to that of a small rubber band being snapped against the skin, followed by a cooling sensation. Some areas are more sensitive than others, but these brief laser hair removal treatments are still more comfortable than shaving or waxing every couple of weeks forever.

Are There Risks With Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers have been used for laser hair removal for almost 30 years, and the process was extensively tested prior to becoming commercially available. Laser hair removal has proven to be reliable, effective, and safe. The most common side effects after treatment include skin irritation, such as redness and slight swelling on the treatment sites. This usually passes within a few hours.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

We have five million hairs on our bodies (men have a few hundred thousand more than women) and, unfortunately, each hair is an independent contractor of sorts. That means every hair can be in a different phase of the growth cycle. This is important to the success of laser hair removal because lasers only damage hair in the anagen (growth) cycle. But hairs can also be in the catagen (transitional phase between growth and rest) or the telogen phase (resting). The catagen and telogen phases involve stopping nourishment to the hair, shedding it, and restarting a new hair shaft. That’s why lasers don’t affect hair in these phases; they’re already on their way out. And the laser energy can’t get into the follicle to damage it.

Second, damaged follicles can rebuild with hormonal changes. Plus, if a follicle is only partially damaged, it may heal and begin to regrow hair.

The FDA approval is for “permanent hair reduction.” This is because laser hair removal treatments can’t remove all the unwanted hair permanently due to the above reasons. Bottom line, numerous studies show the degree of permanent hair reduction to be from 85 to 90 percent.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Will I Need?

People wonder why we can’t zap all the unwanted hair in a single session, but, as mentioned above, the hair must be in the growth phase. Since hair is always rotating in and out of this phase, multiple sessions are required to catch as many hairs as possible in the correct phase. We’ve found that 6 to 10 treatments achieve the degree of hair reduction that pleases most patients.

What Are The Most Popular Areas For Laser Hair Removal?

The most popular areas that we remove hair at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care are the underarms, bikini line, Brazilian, legs, back, upper lip, and chin. Some men opt for full-face hair removal to lessen the burden of daily shaving and for full chest hair removal. Really just about anywhere on the body, including on the ears, inside the nostrils and male pubic hair, can be treated with laser hair removal.

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