The holidays are upon us and we’re ready for one last treatment to give us a boost. Don’t you want to feel your best when you meet up with old friends and family members that you don’t get to see very often? We always feel a little more “on” when we’re feeling good about ourselves.

So, keep reading to learn about laser treatments and how to maintain your results by taking care of your skin afterwards.

The LightPod Neo

The LightPod Neo laser is the gold standard for many laser treatments. This amazing laser can help remove tattoos, remove hair, treat wrinkles, and help fight acne. Warts, scars, and nail fungus can also be treated with this wonder-treatment. If you’re looking to resurface parts of your skin specifically for wrinkles or sunspots, then keep reading. Recovery is almost as important as the treatment you choose.


Keeping your skin hydrated may take more effort than you’re used to after a laser resurfacing treatment such as the LightPod Neo. Your skin will likely be extra thirsty after a laser treatment, so bring some moisturizer with you when you head back to work. Adding an occlusive layer (such as Aquaphor) after your moisturizer can help your skin stay hydrated, too.

Avoid Makeup

We may recommend that you skip makeup for a day or two to let your skin breathe, depending on your skin type and how deep your treatment was. Also, the harsh scrubbing that is sometimes required to remove heavy makeup may lead to small damage that can lead to longer recovery times. Light, mineral makeup may be the best option if you feel you can’t go out without anything on.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is so important when it comes to the new layer of skin that is regenerating. Keep wrinkles and sun spots at bay by wearing sunscreen everyday. If you don’t have a good sunscreen for the face, then wearing a hat or using an umbrella can work to keep UV rays away, too.

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