Must Try Facials!

Are you looking for a natural treatment to give your face the boost you need? Whether you are trying to boost collagen production, smooth you skin, or just treat yourself to something nice and relaxing, we may have the perfect treatments for you! With a Dr. Babor facial, your skin may be rejuvenated with the use of the regenerative skin care products. In addition, the evidence of aging and life may be minimized or erased.

PRP with microneedling may also be a great option since it uses properties in your own blood while using very small needles to stimulate the skin into producing more collagen.

If you have dry skin that never seems to absorb any moisture from countless lotions, then a Hydrafacial may be a good idea for you. Through multiple steps, you may be able to see a noticeable difference after the treatment, whether that may be an increase in moisture to smaller pores.

Lastly, the VI Peel has different levels of strength to possibly reveal a younger layer of fresh skin.

If you believe that the Dr. Babor facial, PRP with microneedling, Hydrafacial, or VI Peel is right for you, then call us at 914-595-1174 to schedule a consultation at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

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