Male Enhancement

Keep the fire and romance going with Primary Aesthetic Skin Care’s male enhancement treatments! Patients report feeling rejuvenated, with symptoms of increased libido, increase in size and girth, as well as firmness and duration of erection. Male enhancement treatments can be the solution to a plethora of conditions that you may be experiencing. We prefer to use the P-Shot method to provide our clients with a natural treatment that produces effective results. Primary believes in offering Bedford residents with quality treatments to suit everyday needs.

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What exactly is the P-Shot?

This treatment is essentially PRP; platelet rich plasma. If you’re unfamiliar with our PRP treatments, you can read all about it here. We use PRP to promote self-help within the body. Because the plasma comes from your own body, there is no high risk from this treatment, as it’s completely natural. Whereas PRP may typically injected into the scalp or face, we can also use it for male enhancement. Similarly to the O-Shot for women, the PRP is separated from your blood in a centrifuge, then administered to the treatment area—typically the head and shaft of the penis. The natural growth factors help to promote penis enhancement, sensitivity and performance.

Benefits of Male Enhancement Treatments

P-Shots are commonly used to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. You can also observe results almost immediately following the initial treatment.

Most patients have a painless experience, as we apply a topical anesthetic to ensure comfortability.

There’s no downtime, but a variety improvements.

It’s completely natural, which means you can receive this treatment without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or worrying about adverse effects.

Best of all, you can enjoy the results for up to a year!

More Information

If you are considering male enhancement treatments, give us a call to try the P-Shot! We will consult with you so that you understand the full extent of this treatment and how your body will be affected. Consultations are done in a one-on-one environment so that our patients feel comfortable and confident to address any concerns regarding their health and the treatment.