Unwanted hair on the face and body can take time, energy, and money to address on a daily basis. Whether patients are shaving, waxing, plucking, or using depilatory creams, they are dealing with unwanted hair on a regular basis. Instead, Bedford, NY patients ready to combat unwanted hair are encouraged to take time to learn about the advantages of undergoing laser hair removal at the Primary Aesthetic Skin Care.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary alternative to daily removal of unwanted hair. This treatment uses laser light wavelengths to destroy melanin, which is the pigmentation found in natural hair follicles. The hair shaft absorbs the laser light energy, damaging it while maintaining the surrounding skin. Each treatment targets hair follicles in the active growth phase and provides permanent removal.

How many treatments do I need?

Laser hair removal treatments may vary depending on the thickness of the hair and the goal of the patient. If patients want full removal, they will need several treatment sessions spaced weeks apart. However, some patients just want to reduce the thickness of hair in a particular area, and this may be achieved with just one or two treatment sessions at the Spark Laser Center.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

In the past, the only way in which laser hair removal would be effective was if it was utilized on a patient with fair skin and dark hair. Fortunately, laser medicine has continually improved and now patients of all ethnicities and hair colors can receive laser hair removal treatment. Determining candidacy is often achieved during a consultation visit with our skin care experts, during which we will evaluate the treatment area and discuss treatment with the patient.

Take charge of unwanted hair today!

If you live in or around the area of Bedford, NY and are interested in discussing laser hair removal with our skin care experts, we welcome you to book a consultation visit by calling (914) 234-8670. We encourage new and existing patients into our practice for comprehensive care of the skin, hair, nails, and body, all under one roof!

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