The most popular noninvasive treatments are being offered right here in Bedford at our med spa! Primary is keeping up with the advances in modern beauty techniques so that you don’t have to. Studies show that the most popular treatments internationally are Botox and Fillers, followed by laser hair removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. All of which you can find in our office.

These treatments are known for being noninvasive and accessible to just about anyone with any skin type. More and more celebrities are avoiding the knife and making some of these methods the hottest trends in beauty. Take fillers, for example. The most photogenic celebs are flaunting cheeks that give them a natural contour, and full lips for sex appeal. There’s no trace of scarring and the results don’t go away overnight; hence the power of noninvasive treatments! Dermal fillers can accomplish these amazing results without downtime.

If you want a new skin care regimen that works for you, we also offer a variety of products that you can take home. Here at Primary, we make skin care easy, so that you can manage no matter where you are!

Get the popular treatments that celebs are using to maintain a flawless look!


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