Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready? Laser hair removal treatments can help to eliminate unwanted hair and make sure that you are always beach ready. But what can you do before your treatment to make sure that you get the best possible results? Here are three things you can do to help you prepare:

Avoid the Sun

We advise avoiding excessive sun exposure and refraining from tanning lotions (even the sunless ones) and tanning beds for at least a couple of weeks before your treatment. Our lasers work by targeting the hair follicles, and so having a tan can make it harder for the laser to distinguish hair from skin. In addition, having a tan while getting a laser hair removal treatment can increase the risk of side effects, such as skin lightening.

Put Down the Tweezers

Stop plucking and waxing the treatment area both before and between treatments. This treatment targets the hair at the roots, and so you want to avoid any hair removal method that removes the entire hair. And while it may be tempting to pluck or wax after your treatment, you will receive optimal results if you allow the hair to fall out on its own over time.

Shave 1 to 2 Days Before

While plucking and waxing may be out, we definitely recommend that our patients shave the treatment area before coming in. Doing so can help to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, since the laser will not be targeting hair above the skin as well as beneath it.


If you still have any questions about what you should do before your laser hair removal treatment or if you want to schedule yours, contact us today to set up your free consultation! We will be happy to meet with you and help you get started on your own personal treatment plan to make sure that you are ready for whatever comes your way this summer!

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