Cellulite. Many men and women deal with this dimpling skin on the lower region of the their body, typically around the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs. However, cellulite can be avoided in some cases, and with some of today’s technology, treated! Elena Ginsberg and the team of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care are available to assist men and women with learning more about cellulite and tips for reducing development.

What is cellulite?

Before you can fully understand how to avoid the development of cellulite, you must know what it is. Cellulite is actually caused by fat deposits that are beneath the skin. Bands of connective tissue in the skin are tightened with added fat, which results in the appearance of dimpling skin. These connective tissues are the reason for the cellulite, though the fat deposits in the area can cause cellulite to appear much more severe.

What can be done to avoid or reduce cellulite?

One of the best ways to avoid the development of cellulite is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients should exercise regularly and, if they are overweight, consider weight loss options. With reduced fat in the area, the cellulite will be far less noticeable with weight loss. Athletic activities such as running and dancing, combined with strength training, will not only help patients look and feel better, but reduce the risk of developing cellulite in the first place. Additionally, patients should be very aware of the sun exposure these areas are receiving. Excess sun exposure in the lower half of the body can significantly accelerate the loss of elasticity and the skin’s resiliency, increasing the risk of developing cellulite.

For those who already have cellulite, many offices have modern technologies available that can be used in breaking down the tight connective bands and reducing the appearance of cellulite in the midsection of the body. Weight loss can also impact the appearance as well, reducing dimpling and fat deposits.

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