Now that we’ve fully dived into fall leaves and autumn couture, the holiday season is all we can think about! Aside from delicious food and vacations ahead, are reunions and gatherings with loved ones- and we at Primary love to look our best! Our aesthetic treatments can help you pull off any look in your fall fashion. Whether you want to tone up and wear your favorite black dress, or take a few years off of your appearance for a reunion, we have just what you need!

Skin Care Treatments

Reclaim the glow you had last year, or even several years ago with our anti-aging and skin care treatments. We offer a wide range of treatment options from injectable relaxers and fillers, to PDO sutures, even skin care products and facials. We offer such a wide variety, there is likely a method that will interest you! Consultations can determine just what you need and give you an idea of what the treatment process is like.

Body Contouring

Perhaps you want to get toned after a summer full of barbecue and a candy-filled Halloween. We also offer body contouring and skin tightening treatments to reclaim your desired shape! Whether you’re looking to take off a few pounds, or reduce skin laxity, you should schedule a consultation to discuss how our treatments can assist you.


If you’re ready to start prepping your holiday look, then give us a call for a complimentary consultation! Consultations are perfect timing for being examined by our medical professionals and receive insight to how your beauty goals can be accomplished. We like to make sure our patients are well educated on the treatments that interest them. You will leave our Bedford facility knowing exactly what to expect, and if you think of a question at a later time, feel free to give us a call!

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