Who doesn’t love summer? Between beach days and bonfires, barbeques and fireworks, summer days make memories that will last forever. If you aren’t careful, however, the summer sun can also cause lasting damage to your skin. Dark spots and premature wrinkles can appear thanks to your extra time in the sun and surf. Luckily, there are a number of summer skin care tips you can follow to make sure that your skin stays as clear as the summer skies:

Apply SPF

By now, we all know how important sunscreen is for our skin’s health. It helps to block harmful UV rays that cause sun burns and can even damage our skin cell’s DNA! Remembering to slather on the SPF at least 15 minutes before going outside and reapplying regularly can help prevent your skin from aging prematurely and reduce your risk of skin cancer. And don’t forget your lips! Choosing a lip balm with SPF helps to protect the delicate skin on your lips from the sun.

Keep Hydrated

Even if you spend your summer days poolside, your skin can easily become dehydrated during the summer months. Sun exposure, high temperatures and summer cocktails all work to suck the moisture out of the skin, leaving it rough and dry and accelerating the appearance of creases. Drinking plenty of water and moisturizing the skin daily can help lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth and dewy.


Our skin can quickly become dull and dry during the summer months with all of the excitement. Exfoliating once or twice a week can help to unclog your pores and remove all of the debris that has built up. This allows the skin to breathe and helps keep it clear and healthy!


Even with all of these precautions, however, you may notice some sun spots creeping onto your face. Here at Primary Aesthetic in Bedford, we offer a number of treatments to help clear up sun spots and leave you glowing this summer!

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