At Primary Aesthetic Skin Care, patients of the Bedford, NY area who are unhappy with their “double chin” are pleased to learn that there is a nonsurgical treatment option available. Elena Ginsberg is excited to offer an injectable that can treat submental fullness. This injectable is Kybella.

What is the Kybella injectable?

Patients with extra fat underneath their chin, known as a double chin or “submental fullness,” often believe plastic surgery is the only way to improve their profile and reduce the fat contributing to this appearance. Instead, the first and only injectable on the market for submental fullness can be used. This injectable, known as Kybella, is formulated with deoxycholic acid which can shrink fat cells in the chin and neck area to provide less sagging and fullness. The result? A more beautiful you with a more defined profile appearance!

Is Kybella safe?

The team of Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in the Bedford, NY area is pleased to offer Kybella as it has been approved by the FDA for fat reduction underneath the chin. Patients may need several injections spaced weeks apart to achieve the desired results, but the final appearance is permanent. Kybella has been tested in clinical trials and continues to perform well with minimal risk of side effects.

What are the benefits of Kybella injections?

Kybella is:

  • Affordbale
  • Effective
  • FDA-approved
  • Simple
  • Permanent

How much does Kybella cost?

The cost of this treatment varies from patient to patient as each situation is unique. Not every patient has the same amount of fat underneath their chin, and not every patient’s body reacts to the medication in the same manner. It is best for patients to book a consultation appointment with their provider at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care and ask about the expected cost.

Consider Elena Ginsberg for Kybella injections

Fight submental fullness today with this nonsurgical solution available at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care. Patients in the area of Bedford, NY are welcome to book a consultation visit with the team by calling (914) 234-8670 and visiting the office in Bedford Village Plaza at 460 Old Post Road, Ste. 2G.

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