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By | Posted on February 26, 2018

Facelift Alternatives

Many people cannot afford cosmetic procedures. The fact is, most health insurance fails to cover such procedures. A very popular aesthetic service is the facelift. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average facelift costs $7,048, not including related medical expenses. But other cosmetic treatments can achieve the purpose of the facelift, which is to visibly tighten the skin of the face and neck. Taking time off work or school, in addition to receiving health risks such as bleeding and facial nerve injury, is costly. If you want to look younger without going under the knife, skin tightening procedures are great facelift alternatives Bedford.

facelift alternatives bedford

Fractora RF Microneedling

The Fractora treatment is a microneedling treatment with impressive skin tightening power. Using radiofrequency (RF) technology, a handheld device with pins punctures skin and delivers heat to trigger collagen production. Like a facelift, this treatment works on the face and neck, but without the same downtime. Moreover, you can get as many treatments as you desire, whereas multiple facelifts could be dangerous and expensive. This procedure can address skin laxity in arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. If you’re looking to tighten your entire body, this procedure works charms.* We are proud to offer it at Primary.

Liquid Facelift Using Dermal Fillers 

If you have mild to moderate skin laxity, try a liquid facelift. We offer a wide selection of dermal fillers, some of which are hyaluronic acid-based, such as Juvederm and Restylane, and others which contain calcium microspheres, like Radiesse. A liquid facelift can accomplish the same aesthetic goals as a surgical facelift. These include gentle lift of individual facial features, softer smile lines, restored facial contours and a more rested overall look.* Visible eye bags, sagging eyelids, hanging jowls, flattened temples and thinning cheeks contribute to an aged appearance. Our dermal filler injections address all these concerns. You might prefer a liquid facelift versus the surgical counterpart, because you can see results accumulate over time. Versus a surgery where you totally rely on the provider, a liquid facelift gives you greater space to negotiate your appearance.

Beyond the Face

Other skin tightening services go beyond the facelift in terms of application! We offer BTL Exilis Ultra and BTL Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Rejuvenation, which tighten and lift difficult areas on the body (think abdomen, neck, thighs) and the vagina, respectively. One of our most effective treatments is Ultra Slim Plus II, an ultrasonic cavitation technique combined with RF that both gets rid of fat and firms down leftover skin.* Don’t let a facelift limit your cosmetic options.

Skin Tightening Without Surgery at Primary

If you’re curious about any of the former techniques mentioned or want to learn about other skin tightening services we offer, we recommend you stop by. With a consultation, we can tell you not only the differences between these services but what we recommend given your unique concerns. The aesthetic results you desire don’t require the intense pain, downtime and inconvenience of a facelift. If you opt for surgical rejuvenation, our services can help sustain your surgical results. Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in Bedford, NY can help you find the perfect facelift alternatives Bedford.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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