There are so many times that we see a new product or hear about a new at-home treatment that really piques our interest. Being able to improve our skin on a daily basis is important. After all, it’s the culmination of our best and worst days that gives us the skin we have today. All those years of sunbathing mean sun-damaged skin. Years of babying our skin can give us younger, more smooth skin.

But when it comes to microneedles, is it better to get a professional treatment or to buy a an at-home tool to use at your leisure? Keep reading to learn about the differences between the Eclipse MicroPen and at-home microneedle treatments like dermarollers.


Both the Eclipse MicroPen and at-home dermarollers utilize small needles to give you a boost in beauty. These small needles create small “injuries” in the skin, signaling to your skin to repair itself, which gives you a more radiant complexion.

The Eclipse MicroPen is able to go deeper into the skin, into the dermis layer, which allows for collagen and elastic production to be affected. Alternatively, dermarollers have shorter needles, so they do not reach deep enough to stimulate collagen production.


Safety is important when it comes to your skin, because we don’t want to see your skin going backwards! Improper use of dermarollers may lead to more scarring or infection that comes from spreading bacteria deep into the skin.

The Eclipse MicroPen is used in a professional setting, and is sterile for each patient. Because the tool is used by professionals, there is also less chance of something going wrong. We know what to look for when it comes to your skin, so we can adjust your treatment if necessary.


Money is a factor when it comes to beauty treatments, and you will want to factor in the results and what they are worth to you.

Some dermarollers can be found online for between ten and one hundred dollars, so it’s also important to look at the quality of what you’re getting. Some companies will bundle a dermaroller with products, too.

If you are interested in learning more about how much Eclipse MicroPen treatments will cost you, please get in touch!

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