Nothing ruins our vacation mood more quickly than realizing we’re sunburned. That’s why we try to be careful. We bring sunglasses, hats, and loose clothing that can be worn when we’re out during the hottest part of the day. But those don’t always work, especially if you’re on a beach and too busy having fun to remember to reapply sunscreen. It may show up immediately, or it may take a few hours but sunburn can seriously throw a wrench in our vacation plans.

That hot, itchy, red skin is your skin’s way of crying for help, so it’s best to listen and treat it gently for the next few days. Helping your skin heal faster can get you feeling better, and can help you continue to have fun if you’re experiencing sunburn while on vacation. Keep reading for some easy DIY remedies to help you recover from sunburn.


Drinking enough water is one of the most important ways you can help your skin heal and recover from a sunburn. Give yourself reminder notes on the fridge or in your phone to keep yourself reaching for a glass of water. If you’re drinking alcohol, replace it with water. Those salty margaritas are not going to help your skin heal. If you can’t do anything else, at least keep yourself hydrated to encourage your skin to keep healing.

Cool Shower/Bath

Taking fifteen to twenty minutes to cool down can do wonders for hot, painful skin. Use tepid or cool water and relax. The cool water will help your skin rid itself of excess heat, and will help you feel better. For a bonus, add in some oatmeal or baking soda to your bath and let yourself soak for twenty minutes. Oatmeal has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to help your skin recover. Baking soda, on the other hand, can help your skin feel better either in the bath or made into a paste and applied directly onto the skin.

Aloe Vera

This plant is great for soothing skin issues like acne and sunburn. It cools, helps calm down redness, and helps the sting of sunburn go away so you can sleep better through the night (which will also help you heal faster). Aloe is available in many places, is inexpensive, and very effective. You might find aloe leaves at a market or grocery store, but aloe gel in a bottle may be easier to find. Both will help your skin feel better so you can focus on having fun.

If you have experienced multiple serious sunburns, we recommend that you come in for a skin cancer check on a regular basis. Call us today at (914) 234-8670  to schedule a consultation.

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