My first treatment here was the Vampire Facial, and that was amazing. So once I started with that (sort of my “gateway drug”), I moved on to Botox, fillers, the DF Treatment, TruSculpt – I’ve tried everything. I’ve used Sculptra, I did Kybella, and they’ve honestly all worked.
I’ve been working with Elena for 5 years and she has truly become a friend that I trust. She tells me and guides me on what to do and where to do it. I love it here.



I’ve been coming to Primary Aesthetic Skin Care for a couple years now. They’ve been helping me beautify myself in a non-surgical way. As a model and an entrepreneur, it’s very important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also to be able to reflect on the exterior, and from procedures such as TruSculpt when I’m getting ready for the summertime to facial procedures, they know how to do everything very professionally and very well. Plus, it’s such a family environment. I feel like I’m at home every time I come here. I love coming to Primary Aesthetic Skin Care because Elena Ginsburg is so great in covering all of my facial aesthetic needs with zero downtime and making sure that I look natural every time.



When you come in they tell you the specials they have for the month and they go through the whole process with you. I highly recommend them over here because Elena’s phenomenal as are her procedures. They treat you like family and always talk to you about prices and see what you need. They don’t give you something that you don’t need. They are very fair and I love the place.



The reason why I recommend coming to Primary Aesthetic is they always make you feel welcome when you come in. They never try to sell you on things that you don’t need or push any products on you, and they’re always so generous and lovely. We have a good time here – we laugh and joke around too, so it’s always it’s always a nice place to come.



I am so lucky to have found this place! The location is clean, the staff is friendly, and there is plenty of parking. I came for Botox injections in my forehead and Margherita did an amazing job! She was very attentive when listening to my goals, my prior experiences, and discussing my after care. I felt that I could be honest with her, and she would be honest back regarding the plan that was best for me. Although I want to maintain a youthful look, I do not want any services I receive to be obvious to the outside world. She made me feel comfortable that the services I was receiving would be subtle yet effective, which was my goal! I also did not feel that I was pressured into getting additional services or spend additional money that I was prepared for. This will be my go-to place from now on!

Alisa M.


Today, I made an appointment at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care for dermal fillers. Margherita and Mary are phenomenal. They were professional, knowledgeable, and explained every procedure. The staff are warm and friendly, the office was clean and organized. This is the first skin care office I have visited that made me feel confident in their ability to perform the procedure without any difficulty. I’m definitely going back and recommend you make an appointment before the word gets out and they’re all booked. Thanks, Margherita, Job well done!

Samantha J.


I had 2 laser treatments and 3 IPLs for my Rosacea and the results are very good. Elena Ginsberg is excellent medical aesthetic provider and Joanna is a very good esthetician. Great office and very good prices. Highly recommend.

Carlos L.


Nurse practitioner Elena Ginsberg rocks! I had Voluma for my cheeks done and lips with Restylane recently. I got my youthful cheeks back and my lips are sizzling hot!!! People ask about why I look so much younger, so I know it was worth the money! I will definitely have it done again.

Marina T.


My mom had 2 laser facial rejuvenation treatments and 2 IPL photo facial treatments for her dark spots about 3 months ago with Elena. She loved the results! Her jawline is less sagging now and her dark spots are much lighter! She also had Botox with Elena and her wrinkles are totally gone! She admits she never had a better Botox treatment! Very nice office, with friendly, accommodating and professional staff! As my mom put it, “You only have one face. Why trust it to anyone with less training than Elena’s?!” Definitely recommend and will keep going back!

Kristina W.


I went to Primary Aesthetic Skin Care to see about my post acne scarring. Elena explained the different treatments available and how they work. She did an alternating series of laser and Micro-needling. The skin on my face is visibly smoother and tighter. As a bonus, I even look a little younger.

Richard C.

Wonderful med spa they have the newest of everything, treatments, lasers, machines and the staff is great, very friendly well informed and make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend to anybody looking

Diana F.


I feel pretty…. I had a great experience. From the moment I waked into the office through the time I left.i felt pampered and treated like a queen. Now after getting the services my skin feels better and I looked revived. Much needed in my very busy life. Thank you all for making me feel so good both inside and out

Donna B.


Fabulous environment for your skin care needs. Very happy with the treatments we received and love the friendly, caring atmosphere. Never rushed or pushed to buy more services than I need. Highly recommend!!

Laura G.


I was recommended to come here when I asked my primary care physician what she thought of laser hair removal, because of their excellent Groupon deal and great laser equipment. I have received nothing but great hospitality by the staff at Primary Aesthetic and by my laser technician, Nicola. Nicola truly knows how to make you feel comfortable even in your vulnerable state. She answers any and all the questions I have regarding hair removal and I trust her fully with my treatments. I have seen great progress so far and I can’t wait to see the end result! I highly recommend this establishment for laser hair removal.

Natalie S.


Debbie was very professional. She explained and educated me about the different fillers. She did an amazing job. I look 10 years younger!

Caterina R.


So this Thursday I’ve had mesotherapy on my face – for those who don’t know what it is: it’s mesogun injections with a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other skin nutrients, injected into the face and around the eye area. First I got a cream to numb my skin – had to have it on for like 15 minutes, no unpleasant feelings, then the treatment started with the series of injections. There is some discomfort, mild or medium depending on the area-but I can’t say it was an unpleasant procedure-maybe because I actually don’t mind needles. After the procedure you get a cooling, soothing cream and then a nourishing cream. The skin is red and there are tiny bumps on it in places of injection but they dissolve really quickly. There is swelling and redness but in my case the redness quickly dissipated. The swelling went down a few days later, but my skin is in much better condition – smoother, reduced fine lines, and the full effects of this treatment are yet to come! I’m so impressed that I’ve booked two more treatments at two week intervals to get the best results from this treatment. So far I’m thrilled. My face is finally starting to look like I remember it from just 2 years ago before all the stress and craziness.



I have been a client of Primary for over two years. I came in on a gifted group on and I have never left. Elena had her professional and compassionate staff have always shown me that they act with integrity first and its not about the buck . There is more to this practice then quick fixes and fillers , kindness , generosity , compassion, innovative , warm , friendly , funny. Words fall short as it is the experience and the feeling you leave with.

Bianca M.


Elena Ginsberg is excellent medical aesthetic provider and Joanna is a very good esthetician. Great office and very good prices. Highly recommend!

Carlos L.


Elena is professional, friendly good attitude and very knowledgeable!

Franca Z.


Just after one HydraFacial, I noticed a dramatic improvement with breakouts and returned for more and now laser treatment and peel. I’m very impressed with Dr. Ginsberg’s quality of work and amazingly accommodating staff!

Natasha T.