For many women, their dreaded dark spots stand between them and clear, beautiful skin. Don’t put up with yours any longer! Here are three common causes of dark spots and ways to prevent or treat them.

  1. Acne: As if dealing with breakouts isn’t bad enough on its own, acne can leave dark spots on your skin even after your zits clear up. The best way to prevent your acne from causing dark spots to appear on your skin is to fight acne itself. Washing your skin everyday to keep your pores from clogging and using over-the-counter topical acne treatments can go a long way to help reduce breakouts. Even if you still get occasional blemishes, applying sunscreen to protect the sensitive areas and exfoliating your skin regularly can help reduce the appearance of these dark spots caused by acne.
  2. Air Pollution: While living in the big city can be an adventure, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Pollution in the air can clog your pores and cause inflammation and pigmentation problems. A good way to fight this cause of sun damage is to use skin care products that contain a lot of radical-fighting antioxidants and to exfoliate regularly to keep your pores pollution-free. If you already have dark spots however, you can invest in high quality, dermatologist-approved serums designed to reduce the appearance of these spots or consider a chemical peel or laser treatment performed by a dermatologist for more noticeable results.
  3. Sun Damage: Over-exposure to the UV rays from sunlight can create dark spots, often called sun spots. And the best way to prevent sun spots is, you guessed it, sunscreen! Opting for a broad spectrum sunscreen and reapplying it regularly when exposed to direct sunlight or water will increase its usefulness in combating sun spots. If you already have sun spots though, don’t worry. Exfoliating your skin regularly and investing in a high quality serum designed to reduce their appearance can help fade sun spots. If you want more immediate results however, you can consider a laser treatment, such as an IPL photofacial, to more drastically fade sun spots.

Although dark spots may seem like they are out to get you, knowing what causes them can help you get a step ahead of them to stop them from ever forming in the first place. If you’ve already got pigmentation issues you want to fix, contact us today to set up a free consultation! We will be happy to discuss your treatment options with you.

*These treatments should not be used to replace regular examinations for cancerous spots. If you have a suspicious dark spot, have it checked by a dermatologist. Being diligent about examining dark spots can help prevent you from getting skin cancer.

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