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By | Posted on January 16, 2018

Self Care Is Skin Care

Nowadays, self care is all the rage. It is a personal revolution where you commit yourself to high standards of ownership over your body, meaning you treat yourself as a temple. The self care movement is hand in hand with the skin care movement. Much of it is about respecting and nurturing your individuality, outward in. The body is seen as an outward manifestation of inner worth, so how you treat your skin reflects your self-respect.

To love and to care for yourself is a practice. Being so, it can be hard to always be on top of it. You make and you break habits. You may even want to abandon routine altogether. Still, you should maintain routines that are good for your health. With the proper discipline and automation, keeping commitments to yourself becomes much easier.

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What is Your Skin Care Routine?

Every day, your skin takes a beating. It is exposed to harsh UV rays and vulnerable to stress and aging. Nonetheless, it is important that your skin is well-nourished and protected. In addition to an optimal regime of washing the face, neck, and chest everyday, ideally you would also wear sunscreen religiously. On dry days, you might use extra moisturizing; on humid ones, perhaps toner.

Then, there is the business of different skin types: oily, combination, and dry. Finding what products work for your skin is yet another challenge. In the context of everyday life, in which you may likely skip sleep or forget to drink water, the factors impacting skin seem to overwhelm even the most well-intentioned and disciplined person.

Introducing Our Hand-Selected Product Lines

Our experts at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care in Bedford, NY have carefully selected three effective skin care product lines: Revision Skin Care, SkinMedica, and Environ Skincare.*  These product lines take the thinking out of how to take care of your skin. Versatile and clinically tested, Revision Skin Care, SkinMedica, and Environ Skincare address a variety of needs. They will make your skin care a breeze. Visit our med spa to learn all about them!

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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